Prepare For The Unknown

With Legacy Premium Food Storage!

Prepare For The Unknown

With Legacy Premium Food Storage!

A bowl of prepared Freeze Dried Beef by Legacy Food StorageLegacy Premium offers budget-friendly, gourmet food storage so you can afford to provide your family with top-of-the-line food whether it’s an emergency situation or a busy Tuesday night. Our food storage is not only affordable, but also lightweight and compact for easy storage and transport, extremely tasty, and made with real, nutritious ingredients. Legacy Premium leads the industry in creating food storage that meets the real needs of consumers.


Trust the food storage experts to offer truly convenient food storage.


When you buy with Legacy Premium, you don’t have to build a shed to house your food storage. Because all of our food storage comes packaged in compact, stackable buckets, most purchases can easily fit in a small space. So clear a little corner in your pantry, make some room under the bed, or create a space in your hall closet. Your emergency food will be ready and waiting for you without taking up too much of your life.


When you store Legacy food storage, you also don’t have to worry about storing a bunch of extra ingredients. All of our meals are ready to go and need just water to reconstitute them. Because they are freeze-dried and dehydrated, they reconstitute beautifully and quickly and retain all their original flavors and nutrition as soon as you add water. Our meals and snacks make for an ideal emergency food option, a delicious and easy weeknight dinner, or a lightweight meal for hiking and camping. However you use your Legacy food storage, you will be happy with the convenience of mealtime.


Best of all, because we are food storage experts, all of our food storage offerings have a shelf life of 25 years plus when stored under the right conditions. This means you can get your emergency food needs met in one purchase and then not have to worry about them again for a quarter of a century!


Don’t sacrifice taste or nutrition in your food storage search.

With food storage as with all food, it can be difficult to find a balance between healthy and delicious. And because food storage meals are typically made to last a long time, they often contain a lot of preservatives and filler ingredients to make them viable for many years. As a result, many health-conscious consumers struggle to find food storage that is nutritious and still palatable. Legacy Premium has dedicated years to the quest for food storage that lasts 25 years, tastes fantastic, and nourishes the body from the inside out, and our product offerings show the results of our hard work:


•   Our food storage meals are GMO-free, have no cholesterol or trans fat, contain no MSG, are low in sodium and high in fiber, and are made of natural, real-food ingredients.

•   We offer a wide variety of nutritious and delicious foods, including tantalizing lunch/dinner entrees, satisfying breakfasts, calorie-dense snacks and side dishes, refreshing beverages, tender meats, and immune-boosting protein mixes.

•   Our meals are consistently praised for being delicious. Read our customer feedback pages to see just how pleased others are with the great taste of our food.

•   Legacy Premium is proud to offer a variety of gluten-free options and vegetarian options to meet your family’s specific health needs.


Make the best choice in food storage with Legacy Premium.


When you are in the market for food storage, choose food storage that will be practical in an emergency, contains real ingredients and not artificial fillers, and satisfies even the pickiest of eaters. In other words, choose Legacy food storage.


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